Wholesale Seed Balls

Wildlife & Conservation

bee-dutchWhiteWe offer four product lines specifically created to help wildlife:

Milkweed for Monarchs

Milkweed seed balls come in 5 species of milkweed, and two package sizes: 20, and 50 seed balls. You can read more about or Milkweed seed balls on this page: Milkweed Seed Balls

Buck Balls

Buck balls are available in two varieties, 50 seed balls each: Browse and Bedding. Each package contains over a dozen native US species that provide attractive and habitat-enriching vegetation including wildflowers, grasses, and berries. Buck Balls

Bird Balls

Bird Balls provide season-long energy and protein for wild birds with carefully selected US native wildflowers. Nectar-rich and ample seed-heads draw birds in from early summer through the winter. Bird Balls come in packages of 50 seed balls. Bird Balls

Clover for Bees & Butterflies

A fabulous mix of Clovers that honeybees, native bees, and other pollinators love! These can be planted year round and includes two perennial clovers and a striking clover that re-seeds: Clover Seed Balls

Conservation-Grade Seed Pellets

Conservation-grade seed pellets contain wildflower and native grass seeds, pelletized in our scientifically engineered matrix. The pellets have all the horticultural benefits of our regular seed balls have, but are produced for large restoration and conservation projects. Conservation-Grade Seed Pellets